To achieve success a product or service must be attuned to the relevant market at the right time. As markets are dynamic it’s essential to carefully tailor and adapt the business development strategy - there is much more to Business Development than just maximising sales. It’s about creating and evolving an intelligent strategy that is “made to measure” for your business to maximise profit using the minimum resources and building long term asset value.

I am offering Business Development Services for new and existing products or services in the UK and globally.

As well as securing orders from retailers, trade customers, distributors I have a proven record of developing new innovative ideas, setting up manufacturing and bringing them to market in an international context. With this extensive knowledge and first hand experience of all the challenges facing new and mature companies I am well placed to help most businesses with their Business Development strategy and importantly secure profitable sales.

Having developed products from concept/idea stage that now sell in major retailers around the world I am well placed to help most businesses grow their sales both nationally and globally. It's not just about business development but also innovation and ensuring it provides that "edge" over competitors to ensure success.

I am interested in 3 key areas

  • Equity investment in new products and services with a Business Development role.
  • Business Development consultancy in return for equity.
  • Business Development Consultancy for larger companies with new and existing products.

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